Mr. McDade is the District Attorney for Douglas County Georgia, a county of approximately 125,000 in the western suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. In his career, he has tried over 260 felony cases, most of those being violent crimes.  He has prosecuted over 60 homicide cases and has sought and successfully obtained the death penalty in 12 of those murders.

Because of his vast experience, McDade advises other prosecutors on capital litigation throughout the Southeast United States.  He has been a course instructor for new prosecutors in Georgia’s Basic Litigation Program.  He has instructed law enforcement throughout the State on numerous topics including child abuse investigation, child homicide investigation, search and seizure, homicide investigation techniques, the art of testifying, and a wide range of death penalty issues.

In 2005, McDade was named the District Attorney of the Year by his peers.  This award is given annually to one of Georgia’s 49 District Attorneys in recognition of outstanding service to victims of crime and to the Association.

Also in 2005, the Governor’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council named McDade as the Eagle Award Winner in the area of prosecution for his service to victims of crime. This award recognizes individuals in Georgia who have shown the greatest commitment in their profession to victims of crime.