Repeat Offender Sentenced 30 Years for Multiple Robberies

A nine-time convicted felon caught after robbing a local grocery store driving a stolen vehicle was sentenced to 30 years following his conviction this week, according to Douglas County District Attorney David McDade.

Sean Anthony Badilishamwalimu, 44, of Atlanta received a 30-year sentence earlier this week from Chief Superior Court Judge Robert J. James after entering a guilty plea to charges of Robbery by Force, Robbery by Sudden Snatching, Theft by Shoplifting, Theft by Taking and Battery. The defendant was sentenced as a repeat offender, which means the first 12 years of his 30-year term will be served behind bars. He was also banished from Douglas and Cobb County.

“This is really simple to me. Looking at his record makes it real clear he just doesn’t get it, and the only way to stop him is to lock him up and throw away the key,” said McDade. “His previous cases were in other jurisdictions and maybe if we had gotten a hold on him earlier, he might have seen the light. Now, whatever he sees will be from behind bars for a long, long time.”

According to Assistant District Attorney Steve Knittel, Badilishamwalimu’s criminal history stretches over four decades, the first occurring in 1987. A majority of his convictions are related to theft and drugs. Badilishamwalimu’s latest conviction occurred earlier this year on April 17th, when a store manager at the Austell Food Depot saw the defendant making his way towards the exit with stolen grooming items in a black plastic bag. The manager tried to stop Badilishamwalimu, but was met with a punch that knocked him to the ground.

Trying to find a way to escape, the defendant ran into the parking lot and then fled in a stolen car. He was apprehended several hours later by Cobb County officials. Inside the vehicle, authorities found grooming items that matched the stolen merchandise from Food Depot. Two witnesses inside the grocery store also identified Badilishamwalimu out of a photo lineup as the robber.

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